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GripIt Assorted Kit

GripIt Assorted Kit
GripIt Assorted Kit
GripIt Assorted Kit
GripIt Assorted Kit
GripIt Assorted Kit

The GripIt® plasterboard fixing has uniquely designed slim gripping wings that fold out in the gap behind the plasterboard and produce a secure and effective fixing, ensuring it the worlds ultimate and best plasterboard fixing. These fixings have been designed for use with all types of plasterboard installations and are 100% reusable.

With their simple and fast to use design, you can install these instantly. All you have to do is drill, tap and turn. They even work on surfaces such as ceilings, bathroom tiles and dot & dab!

The GripIt® Assorted Kit contains 8 of each fixing, screws and bolts. This is a perfect kit for those DIY users with a few jobs around the house to complete.


  • They are suitable for all types of plasterboard installations
  • Can be fitted under 20 seconds
  • Can be removed and reused
  • Quick, easy, strong and efficient
  • Completely universal


  • Colours: Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue
  • Pieces in Kit: 32
  • Max Loads: 71kg, 74kg, 93kg, 113kg
  • Diameters: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Head Types: Countersunk & Pan Head
  • Bolt Sizes: 3.5-4mm, 5mm, M6, M8

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