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220mm Polished Chrome Twin Slot Shelving Bracket

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Purchase 220mm polished chrome twin slot shelving brackets, used with uprights & shelves. We have a wide variety of brackets available.

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220mm Polished Chrome Twin Slot Shelving Bracket
  • 220mm
  • Polished Chrome
  • Bracket
  • 1.5mm thick steel
  • Anti microbial powder coating adds protection against grime, germs and bacteria

    Twin Slot Shelving systems
    The Twin Slot 'Shelv-Lok' system comvines adjustability with strength and versatility. The system comprises of a wall fixed 1.5mm thick steel upright that is compatible with a wie range of steel 'U' brackets that support various types of shelves. Medium and heavy duty brackets are also available if you require to support heavier loads. Brackets and uprights are fabricated from 1.5mm thick steel, and have an anti-microbial powder coating finish to protect against germs and bacteria.

    When fitted correctly, this shelving system will sustain itself for a lifetime of normal use. The shelving will resist most chemicals and solvents that it encounters.

    Twin slot shelving will work for almost any application, and it's ideal for schools, storerooms, offices, libraries, museums, record departments, showrooms, shops, hospitals, hotels, pharmacies and almost any location you can think of. This is due to the strength, adjustability and durability of the system.

    When fitted correctly in normal conditions, this shelving system is guarenteed to last two years
  • Product Specifications
    Colour Polished Chrome
    Length 220mm
    Max Weight 84kg

    Coming soon ..

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    Twin Slot Shelving Technical Fixings

    This guide will show you how to install your brackets and uprights for your new Twin Slot Shelving System. It also shows you how to install a wooden shelf. It is advised that you view our Technical tab before viewing this guide.

    Making sure you have the correct equipment

    Things You Will Need:

    * All of these products can be found on our Twin Slot Shelving website.

    Step 1: Marking the uprights

    Using a level, mark a vertical line for your first upright. Once the line is drawn, hold an upright against the line and mark the fixing points.

    Marking the twin slot shelving uprights

    Step 2: Installing the screws

    Drill pilot holes through the marks, plug them with the appropriate wall plug and screw the first upright into the wall.

    Installing the screws to the twin slot shelving uprights

    Step 3: Measure and level the uprights

    Hold the next upright in place, ensuring that it is precisely vertical and level with the first upright. This can be done by using a spirit level across the top of the uprights (Shown in the image above). Once they are level, pilot drill through the top fixing hole on the second upright and ensure it is securely in place.

    Measure and level the twin slot shelving uprights

    Step 4: Install the second upright

    Mark the other pilot holes through the second upright, and swing the upright to one side before drilling and plugging the pilot holes required.

    Install the second twin slot shelving upright

    Step 5: Ensure the uprights are installed correctly

    Allow the upright to swing pack into place, ensure that it is vertical and now use the appropriate screws to fix it securely into place. Repeat these steps if you are installing more than two uprights.

    Ensure the twin slot shelving uprights are installed correctly

    Step 6: Placement of the brackets

    Choose where you want to place the top shelf and hook in the shelf brackets. Ensure that the bracket is in the same slot on each upright so that the shelf is level.

    Placement of the twin slot shelving brackets on the uprights

    Step 7: Adding the shelves

    Check that all the brackets are level and place the shelf on them. Add further uprights and brackets as required.

    Adding the shelves to the twin slot shelving uprights and brackets

    Step 8: Securing the shelves to the brackets

    Use a bradawl to bore pilot holes on the bottom of the shelves while going through the holes of the brackets. Now you can secure the shelf into place using screws.

    Securing the twin slot shelving shelves to the brackets and uprights

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