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Fluted Angle Brackets

Model: 263844
10x8" / 250x200mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket250mm x 200mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 894146
12x10" / 300x250mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket300mm x 250mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 278160
3x2" / 75x50mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket75mm x 50mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 927231
4x3" / 100x75mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket100mm x 75mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 141228
5x4" / 125x100mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket125mm x 100mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 841412
6x5" / 150x120mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket150mm x 120mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
Model: 512296
8x6" / 200x150mm Heavy Duty Shelving Bracket200mm x 150mmHeavy Duty designBracket..
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