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30 Apr Why use Twin Slot Shelving over any other shelving system?
George 3 8220
There are a lot of shelving systems out there to choose from, but why should you choose Twin Slot Shelving over something like built-in shelving or floating shelving? It all depends on how easy you want the installation to be, the appearance you want and what you’re actually using it for. You probably wouldn’t want Twin Slot Shelving in your dining..
29 Apr What are the benefits of an organised shelving unit?
George 0 3151
When you install your Twin Slot Shelving, it’s important to make sure it’s organised. If it’s not organised and there’s random stuff just there for storage, then it’s going to look untidy and maybe even stress you out. A bit of organisation can’t hurt, and it doesn’t take long to organise a shelf. There are a few things to consider when organising ..
29 Apr Stanley Blue Strike Shelving Hammer 16oz
George 1 2743
When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, you will need to hammer some screws. The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is the ideal companion for nailing in some screws.The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is very light in the hand which makes for ease of use. The weight of the head is just 450g which makes the hammer easy to wield and use. The head of the hammer ..
29 Apr How to Spring Clean Your Garage and Get It Ready for Summer
George 0 2378
With summer coming up, you’ll really want to be using your garage for storing all your summer essentials; whether it’s power tools, the lawnmower or the kids’ bikes. To be honest, all of the above are probably already in your garage, but it’s getting access to them that you’re going to have trouble with. If you’re anything like the typical UK homeo..
26 Mar How to Declutter your Book Shelves
George 0 1962
Whether you’re in an office, or at home; if you own a bookshelf it’s probably cluttered with books, DVD’s or other objects wasting space. I’m sorry to say it, but you might have to get rid of it. Firstly, you should take everything off the bookshelf and organise everything so it’s in a nice order. For example, put all DVD’s together, all books toge..
09 Oct Technical & Product Information
11 Sep What plasterboard wall fixing do I require?
George 0 11522
When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, the fixing you require all depends on the wall you’re installing the shelving to. If you want your shelving held securely, then the fixing you use is key. If you’re installing to a plasterboard wall, here’s a few fixings that you might want to look into.Spring ToggleA spring toggle is used for securing thing..
06 Feb How to Install Your Twin Slot Shelving Uprights and Brackets
George 7 34730
This guide will show you how to install your brackets and uprights for your new Twin Slot Shelving System. It also shows you how to install a wooden shelf. It is advised that you view our Technical Guide before viewing this guide. Making sure you have the correct equipment Things You Will Need: Spirit Level At leas..
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