When you install your Twin Slot Shelving, it’s important to make sure it’s organised. If it’s not organised and there’s random stuff just there for storage, then it’s going to look untidy and maybe even stress you out. A bit of organisation can’t hurt, and it doesn’t take long to organise a shelf. There are a few things to consider when organising a shelf, including space utilisation, safety, general organisation and making sure that it’s neat and clean.

Space Utilisation

To utilise the space you have, you will have to organise things in a way that makes them nice to look at but not too clustered. This obviously varies depending on the purpose of the shelf. Either way, if you feel like you’re running out of space then a good way to utilise the space is to put the big items at the back, and small items at the front. If you do this, then you will find that there is more space towards the front of the shelf which makes it look a lot more pleasant to look at, and easy to identify where each item is.


Like in everything, safety is key. When organising your shelf, you’re going to want to make sure it is safe. This includes not leaving things hanging off the edge, as these can fall and cause damage to anything beneath it. You will also want to consider the weight you’ve got on the shelf. If you put too much weight on the shelf, then it’s most likely going to fall down; although, you should be able to hold a lot of weight with Twin Slot Shelving.

Clean and Tidy

An organised shelf isn’t organised unless it’s tidy, and for it to look tidy it has to be clean. To make this happen, you should first utilise your space and make it safe, and then maintain the shelving unit with regular cleaning. Shelves are high up and are the first thing to collect dust which means they can get very dusty and very quickly. Regularly dust your shelves to help them maintain their modern look. If you’ve used something and taken it down from the shelf, then make sure you put it back where it was when you go to return it. All of this will help keep the shelf clean and tidy.