When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, the fixing you require all depends on the wall you’re installing the shelving to. If you want your shelving held securely, then the fixing you use is key. If you’re installing to a plasterboard wall, here’s a few fixings that you might want to look into.

Spring Toggle

A spring toggle is used for securing things into a plasterboard wall. A hole is drilled, and the fixing is installed into the hole. When you tighten the spring toggle, the ‘wings’ expand and clamp the fixing to the wall.

Speed plugs

Speed plugs have a deep outer thread which is designed to provide a stronger and tighter grip on plasterboard. The deeper thread also allows the weight of the object being held to spread, greatly reducing the chance of it falling. These speed plugs are ideal for lighter loads with new/good condition plasterboard. Not to be used for holding heavier loads.

Plasterboard Plug

A plasterboard plug, also known as a rawlplug, are the cheapest and easiest solution for fixing things to your walls. The plug is installed into the wall, and the screw used for the installation is screwed into the plug. As it’s screwed in, the plug expands and grips against the wall.