There are a lot of shelving systems out there to choose from, but why should you choose Twin Slot Shelving over something like built-in shelving or floating shelving? It all depends on how easy you want the installation to be, the appearance you want and what you’re actually using it for. You probably wouldn’t want Twin Slot Shelving in your dining room or living room; similarly, you probably wouldn’t want bay shelving in your kitchen.


Twin Slot Shelving provides a large number of customisation options. You can fit a large number of shelves on different levels in completely different sizes and colours. The customisation on these shelves is much more than any other shelving system unless you’re making your own of course.


The appearance of Twin Slot Shelving might not be considered the best for making your home look good, but in the office, warehouse, school or library; they play the part and look in place. In my opinion, the uprights are the only thing that lets the appearance down, and if the shelves are full the uprights are covered. This is why they’re ideal in warehouses, schools, libraries and offices.


Twin Slot Shelving can withstand a lot of weight, which means you can not only store a lot of items on them, but you can store a lot of heavy and large items on them. They function best for storing books and files in an office and having a big collection of books can weigh a lot.


If you need to move a shelf or increase the distance between two shelves, you can simply empty the shelf and slot the brackets out. Move the brackets up a few slots and there you have it. You’ve adjusted the shelf. This is very useful if you know you will have to modify the shelf in the future, and it also means you don’t leave drill holes in the wall.

Quick and easy

The shelves are very easy to assemble. All you have to do is level the uprights and install them into the wall. The brackets simply slot into the uprights, and the shelf just has to be screwed into the brackets. They’re fast and easy to install, but they’re also incredibly robust and will hold significantly more weight than a lot of other shelving systems.