When installing your Twin Slot Shelving, you will need to hammer some screws. The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is the ideal companion for nailing in some screws.

The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is very light in the hand which makes for ease of use. The weight of the head is just 450g which makes the hammer easy to wield and use. The head of the hammer is heat-treated which greatly improves the strength and performance of the hammer, allowing for less force to be used when using.

The grip of the hammer is flock filled vinyl which is resistant to heat, oil and solvents. The material of the handle makes it easy to grip so you can be sure to not throw your hammer across the room when using it. You can also work with it in dirty conditions where rain or oil may usually be an issue; they are not an issue with this hammer.

The shaft of this hammer is hollow and oval, which combines the lightweight feel of the hammer with immense strength; ultimately increasing the efficiency of the hammer.

The Stanley Blue Strike Hammer is a perfect hammer for anybody, and this hammer should be in every DIYers toolbox. It’s lightweight and packs a punch. The handle makes it easy to grip, with or without wearing gloves.